Bible Studies with a Jewish Perspective
Did you know that you can understand the Bible on your own.  God designed it so that you could learn of Him if you want to.  He is not far from you if you truly desire to know Him.  You can discover why you are here, the meaning of life, and the way to true peace and joy in life.  Sound's like a big claim ... right?  Just try it and see for yourself.  Listen to these lessons regularly as we explore the bestselling book of all time ... a special book that accurately predicts the future of all civilization and creation ... a book that transcends time itself to bring you the message of hope, joy and of everlasting life. Discover for yourself just how much God really does love you.  

The audio files below simply go through the Bible verse by verse to give an understanding of the Holy Scriptures.  As you listen, pray that God will reveal Himself to you, and that you would know His peace and joy in your life. Pray that you would know His salvation that He has provided for you. You will be pleasantly surprised as He begins His work in your life to give you the peace you have sought for so long.

Matthew 27:27 through Ch 28:End.   The Suffering Servant

Hebrews 1:1-3  How Can God Have a Son?  Part 1

For Our Jewish Friends ...
Find out what the TORAH says. Learn what it really means to be Jewish.  
  Man's traditions can never be a substitute for  God's Word.  See for yourself what God really requires of you in the TORAH.  You may be pleasantly surprised as you discover what He is really like and how much He cares for you. Relax and listen as we go through the TORAH together to discover the true roots of being Jewish.  Click on a topic below
  Tears from History: Christians, True Christians and the Jewish People
  God Speaks to the Prophet Joel (Guest Speaker)
TORAH Studies
Genesis 33: Jacob Sees Esau Again
TANAKH Studies


  Daniel 1. In a Place of Trials ... for God's Purpose
  Daniel 2:1-23. God Begins to Reveal Daniel's Purpose in Babylon
  Daniel 2:20-49. The Last Days
  Daniel 3. Three Men and a King
  Daniel 4. A King's Testimony
  Daniel 5. The Writing on the Wall
  Daniel 6. The Lion's Den

Daniel 7. Prophecy of Man's Kingdoms and God's Kingdom

  Daniel 8:1-22. Prophecy of the Greek and Medo-Persian Empires
  Daniel 8:15-27. Prophecies Concernint Antiochus IV and Antichrist
  Daniel 9:1-23. Daniel's Prayer
  Daniel 9:19-24. God's Plan
  Daniel 9:20-26. The Seventy Sevens
  Daniel 9:26-27. The True Messiah and the False Messiah
  Daniel 10. Angels Fighting For Us
  Daniel 11. The Most Detailed Prophecy in the Bible
  Daniel 12. The True Messiah and the False Messiah
New Covenant Studies
  Matthew 13:53-58 Jesus Not Accepted in His Hometown
  Matthew 1:1-23 Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes
  Matthew 14:22-33 Jesus Walks on Water (Get Out of the Boat)
  Matthew 14:34-15:9 Tradition is Not a Substitute for God's Word
  Matthew 15:10-20 Man's Heart Reveals His Real Character
  Matthew 15:21-28 Persistence in Prayer
  Matthew 15:29-31 Compassion for All Who Come to Him
  Matthew 15:32-16:4 Signs of the Times
  Matthew 16:13-20 Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God
  Matthew 16:21-27 Following Jesus
  Matthew 16:28-17:9 The Transfiguration
  Matthew 17:10-27 Elijah, Praying and Fasting, and the Temple Tax
  Matthew 18:1-6 Losing Prestige ... Gaining Everlasting Life
  Matthew 18:4-11 The Warning Against Offenses
  Matthew 18:12-14 God Loves You ... Yes, You Individually
  Matthew 18:15-20 Gathering Together in His Name
  Matthew 18:21-35 Forgiving and Being Forgiven
  Matthew 19:1-15 Marriage and Divorce
  Matthew 19:16-30 The Rich Young Ruler
  Matthew 19:27-20:16 God's Grace vs. Man's Works
  Matthew 20:17-19 Jesus Tells Disciples About His Rejection
  Matthew 20:19-21_17 The Messiah Presented to Jerusalem
  Matthew 21:18-46 Trees, Leaves and Fruit
  Matthew 22:1-14 The King's Wedding Feast
  Matthew 22:15-32 Jesus Answers the Pharisees and Saducees
  Matthew 22:34-46 The Son of David and David's Master
  Matthew 23:1-12 Tefilin, Tzitzit, Humility and the Heart
  Matthew 23:1-12 Tefilin, Tzitzit, Humility and the Heart. Part 2
  Matthew 23:13-39 Beware of Righteous Appearance with Evil Hearts
  Matthew 24:1-14 Prophecies of the Last Days. Part 1
  Matthew 24:15-31 Prophecies of the Last Days. Part 2
  Matthew 24:29-51 Prophecies of the Last Days. Part 3
  Matthew 24: Condensed Study on Entire Chapter (at CC Paris,TX)
  Matthew 25:1-30 Warnings to Be Ready for the Lord's Return
  Matthew 25:31-46 The Command to Care for the Poor
  Matthew 26:1-16 Jesus Prepares to Be Sacrificed for Our Sins
  Matthew 26:17-30 The Passover of the New Covenant
  Matthew 26:30-56 Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane
  Matthew 26:57-68 The Roman-Appointed Leaders Arrest Jesus
  Matthew 26:69-75 Peter Denies Knowing the Lord
  Matthew 27:1-26  Jesus Before Pilate
  Matthew 27:27 through Ch 28:End.   The Suffering Servant


  Hebrews 1:1-3  How Can God Have a Son?  Part 1

Hebrews 1:1-3  How Can God Have a Son?  Part 2


Hebrews 1:1-3  How Can God Have a Son?  Part 3

  Hebrews 2:1-9  A Little Lower Than the Angels
  Hebrews 2:2-18  The Eternal Chief Priest
  Hebrews 3:1-19  The Sin of Not Believing God
  Hebrews 3-4  The Sin of Not Believing God. Part 2
Special Studies
  What Every Jewish Person Must Know. Part 1
  What Every Jewish Person Must Know. Part 2
  God's Salvation in the TANAKH (Old Testament)
  Psalm 37: Rest
  Haggai 1-2: A Greater Glory
  Serving the Poor in Israel: The Call
  Resurection Day 2006
  Where is Peace
  Faith: Get Out of the Boat
  Mark 8:34-38: Taking Up the Cross
  Servanthood Part 1
  Servanthood Part 2
  Servanthood Part 3
  Servanthood Part 4
  The Story of Mephibosheth. by Pastor John Hessler (Guest Speaker)
  Baptism and the Mikva
  Ministry Video (WMV Format. Large File: 12MB)
  God Speaks to the Prophet Joel (Guest Speaker)
The Names of God (Pastor Chaim)

The Word Became Flesh (Pastor David)